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New reducers, clearcoat, and activators

Outrageous has officially discontinued their thinners, clearcoat, and activators and are recommending that their customers now use Pro-Spray (Outrageous' parent company) thinners, clearcoat, and activators.



Pro-Spray has been making these products all along and relabeling them under the Outrageous brand, so you won't notice any performance differences if you have been using the Outrageous thinner, clearcoat, and activators.

The biggest differences that you'll notice is that the Pro-Spray thinner comes in a gallon instead of a 5 liter like the Outrageous thinner, and Pro-Spray offers a quart size of their thinner (only in normal speed).  Also, the Pro-Spray Glamour Clearcoat is a 2:1 reduction clear that lays down absolutely beautifully, the Outrageous clear was a 3:1:10% reduction.  

The performance of Outrageous Custom Finishes relies heavily on using quality thinner, clear, and activator.  Cutting corners on these products can cost you much more than what you might save using a value line thinner, clear, or activator.  Use Pro-Spray every time to ensure the perfect paint job.

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