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Outrageous has officially discontinued their thinners, clearcoat, and activators and are recommending that their customers now use Pro-Spray (Outrageous' parent company) thinners, clearcoat, and activators.     Pro-Spray has been making these products all along and relabeling them under the Outrageous brand, so you won't notice any performance differences if you have been using the Outrageous thinner, clearcoat, and activators. The biggest differences that you'll notice is that the Pro-Spray thinner comes in a gallon instead of a 5 liter like the Outrageous thinner, and Pro-Spray offers a quart size of their thinner (only in normal speed).  Also, the Pro-Spray...

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Outrageous came out with some exciting news on Monday, August 4, 2014.  To date, Outrageous had always been a prepackaged product.  However, on August 4th they announced that Outrageous will now be mixed through a mixing system.  This is great news for a few reasons: Outrageous has always struggled with supply issues and these will now be eliminated with our ability to mix the colors on site. The majority of the prepackaged colors were only available in liters and some only available in 500ml.  Now all colors will be available in quarts and gallons. Outrageous colors will now be reduced...

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