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One of the most common questions we receive here at buyoutrageous.com is, "Can you still get the Outrageous Ecstasy colors?"      Amber Gold and Emerald Green were two of the most popular colors from this collection.  Other colors included Diamond Blue and Garnet Red.  If you were fortunate enough to have your car painted one of these colors, consider yourself blessed.  Unfortunately, Outrageous stopped making these colors two years ago.  Since then all of our stock and Outrageous' stock has been depleted.   The typical follow up question to, "Can you still get the Outrageous Ecstasy colors?" is "Why...

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I had a customer call me yesterday inquiring about Emerald Green, and I thought, since I get this question a lot, I'd share what we came up with as a close alternative.  Emerald Green was a sweet Ecstasy color, but unfortunately it was discontinued along with all of the other Outrageous Ecstasy colors.  However, Outrageous Flip Pearlz Flip Flop Blue has the similar blue to green effect that Emerald Green had.     In the picture above, the top color is Flip Flop Blue and the bottom is Emerald Green.  The first thing you probably notice is the coarseness of the metallic...

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