Outrageous Ecstasy: What happened to these colors?

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Outrageous Ecstasy: What happened to these colors?

One of the most common questions we receive here at buyoutrageous.com is, "Can you still get the Outrageous Ecstasy colors?" 



Amber Gold and Emerald Green were two of the most popular colors from this collection.  Other colors included Diamond Blue and Garnet Red.  If you were fortunate enough to have your car painted one of these colors, consider yourself blessed.  Unfortunately, Outrageous stopped making these colors two years ago.  Since then all of our stock and Outrageous' stock has been depleted.  

The typical follow up question to, "Can you still get the Outrageous Ecstasy colors?" is "Why would they stop making such awesome colors?"  And it's a valid question.

Outrageous explained to us that there was a pigment in every Ecstasy color which gave it a hologram like effect, and the company that made the pigment would no longer sell it to Outrageous.  This is the same pigment used to create the hologram on new dollar bills.  It was this effect that separated the Ecstasy colors and made them so wildly popular.

Do you have a car painted with an Ecstasy color?  If so, leave a photo for us to see in the comments below.

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